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SubtleBias is a blog for Marketers and Webmasters. The purpose of this blog is to deliver meaningful and informational content on Digital Marketing. Its topics include, but are not limited to, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Branding, Traffic generation, Marketing strategy and Product creation.

SubtleBias is maintained by Iftekhar Inan, a professional Digital Marketing Strategist and Consultant. After graduating from Umeå University of Sweden in Marketing, he works with a London based start-up in Language Service industry.

This blog emphasizes on the following principles in order to serve its purpose.

Being relevant: All the contents must be relevant to the subject matter. To ensure optimum relevance, SubtleBias abandoned all kind of conscious endeavor for search engine optimization and deleted a number of previous articles.

Being meaningful: All the contents must make sense. Any unnecessary words that create confusion and chaos must be avoided. Each article is reviewed and edited before getting published.

Being minimal: SubtleBias must follow a minimal approach in every aspect. The site is built on WordPress, using Twenty Twelve, a minimal theme. SubtleBias does not use images where text can deliver the exact message.

Being open: SubtleBias is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. That means anyone can take any part of its content and use if for commercial or non-commercial purpose. You can learn more about the license here: Creative Commons.

Being responsive: For SubtleBias, responsiveness is not only limited to the sites compatibility with different devices. The author of the blog believes that responsiveness also includes the clarity of communication with the audience of the blog and the commitment to deliver high quality contents.

(Note: These principles have been enacted from 21 January, 2013. Hence, the posts published prior to this date may not follow the principles.)

Besides these five principles, SubtleBias prefers Google as its web-ecosystem. You can follow the page of SubtleBias on Google+ or join the community of SubtleBias.

If you have any question, or if you need any help with your marketing efforts, or interested to contribute guest post, or just want to say Hi- please use the Contact page or send your mail at inan@subtlebias.com.

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Iftekhar Inan

Digital Marketing Strategist at Vocabridge
I am a Digital Marketing Strategist, working with startups and individuals to enhance their online exposure. I randomly write about digital marketing and other stuffs on SubtleBias.