Evolution is imperative. This blog, SubtleBias, is also evolving with time. Initially I started it as a place for keeping my journals. Later on, I changed the focus on marketing. However, it’s been three years I am owning this small space in the web and it is nowhere near where it should be in terms of quality or quantity of posts. I recognize the lack of strong focus and strategy as the reasons behind this situation. Hence, I finally took an attempt to make some fundamental changes. The summary of these changes are here:

1. Abandoning SEO: I have deleted all the SEO plugins and will not pursue optimization of any future article around any certain keyword or group of keywords. Why? Because I think purposeful use of keywords can decrease the relevance and value of the content. It is also time consuming.

2. One word permalink: FromĀ  now on, every post will have a link consisting only one word after the site URL. For example: the URL of my last post was: http://subtlebias.com/everplaces. In a similar fashion, all the posts will be denoted with a single word in future. It will keep things simple and minimal. However, I will not change the URLs of previous posts as it will create a number of broken links.

3. Creative Commons License: SubtleBias is now licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. It means that all the contents of this site are free to copy, use and distribution. I believe ‘copying’ is an essential process that keeps the world moving. While the nature has embraced copying of cells as the basic mechanism of life, I find no logic why I should keep my write ups protected.

4. Transferring web hosting: This site is hosted on ServersFree. But now as the number of visitors is sharply rising, that free server solution cannot handle the traffic in many occasions. Hence, the site will be moved to a paid server to ensure uninterrupted user experience.

5. Content Principles: A 5-point set of principles is effective from today which will guide the content creation and delivery process. This set of principles is mentioned in the updated About page.

6. Move to Google: Abandoning SEO does not mean that I don’t want my site to be ranked on search engines. I do. But I think optimizing for keywords is not a viable strategy anymore considering the effort it requires and the recent Google algorithm changes. Rather I am embracing a Google web-ecosystem with tools such as Google Authorship, Google+ page, Google+ community, Google Analytics and Google webmaster tools.

So, that’s it for now. I will strive to make this blog more relevant and meaningful for the audience and if more changes seem necessary to do that, I will definitely work on it.

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Iftekhar Inan

Digital Marketing Strategist at Vocabridge
I am a Digital Marketing Strategist, working with startups and individuals to enhance their online exposure. I randomly write about digital marketing and other stuffs on SubtleBias.
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