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10 Amazing Free Tools for Keyword Research

Finding out great keywords is the first step of any effective SEO strategy. Keywords are important for effective PPC campaigns as well as for driving organic traffic. Competition for a good place on Search engines has been increasing rapidly. It is very difficult to find out a set of keywords that are

  • related to the business
  • easier to rank (both in PPC and in SERP)
  • have good volume of traffic

So, how can we find out keywords that meet the three criteria mentioned above? The answer is pretty simple- research. If you still cannot find good keywords, then research some more. Research until you can build up the list of your coveted keywords.

You need tools for researching. Different types of SEO tools are available in plenty- some are free to use while some are paid. Free does not necessarily mean bad quality or less-functional. In fact, there are many amazing tools for keyword research which are totally free. Here’s a list of such tools. Using these tools can significantly decrease your marketing budget.


Soovle provides a customizable keyword suggestion service from all major search engines in one place. Soovle shows keyword suggestions for Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazong, YouTube, Answers.com, and Wikipedia, A user can save suggestions by dragging them. Soovle is one of the best keyword research tool out there.


Ubersuggest is another great free keyword suggestion tool. Start with a base term and insert it on the text field and press suggest. Ubersuggest will come up with hundreds of keyword ideas which are actually being used by people.

Search Latte

Want to extend your market with international SEO campaigns? Then Search Latte is your tool to find out the best keywords for international markets. Search Latte provides a clean and user friendly interface for building Google searches ‘’in any combination of Google supported top level domain, country and language.’’

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You Are Already Building Your Backlist, Build It Better!

Recently, Seth Godin talked about backlist in his blog. This was something new for me. I have never heard of Backlist before. So, what does backlist mean exactly?

Seth explains-

“Backlist” is what publishers call the stuff that got published a while ago, but that’s still out there, selling.

That means- backlist is your legacy, backlist is what you already created and that is still out there for other people to access, to read or to view, to spread.  And, your backlist is not anonymous. Backlist must be credited to you or your organization.

Everyday you are tweeting, you are updating status on Facebook, leaving comments on YouTube videos, posting pictures on your Tumblr blog- all these digital footprints can be counted as your backlists as long as these actions are going to stay there for an indefinite time and they can be traced back to you by others. But are they making good or profitable backlists?

Social footprint is the kind of backlist we all have now. We all are more or less active on social media platforms. But when it comes to the point of using backlists for marketing purpose, mere digital footprints on social media platforms do not suffice or deliver the purpose by any means. You have to think about how you are going to build up your backlists and exactly what they will say about you or your business, where they will take the audience, how they will look and so on.

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AdWords Enhanced Campaigns- Changes and Possible Implication for Marketers


Google AdWords announced Enhanced Campaign upgrade in February 2013. From the changes it brings, we can fairly assume that Google is focusing on making AdWords a more mobile-centric PPC advertising platform. It is said to put into action to simplify usability. However, it has certain impact on PPC strategy formulation.

4 Major Changes

1. Device-wise segmentation is not possible anymore

This probably is the biggest change in AdWords campaign management system. As advertiser, you won’t be able to segmentize your campaign according to different devices, i.e. Tablet, mobile and PC.

2. Bids modification according to geo-location

With the Enhanced Campaign, the PPC account manager now has a the ability to modify bids for specific geo-targets. This was an expected improvement since it reflects the recent explosion in the location-based advertising.

3. Customization for sitelinks

It’s a parallel change that resonates with the ability of modifying bids for specific geo-targets. Now the advertiser can specify what sitelinks will appear for different devices, locations and time of the day.

4. Deeper information regarding audience engagement

Now AdWords provides a little bit more information about your audience as phone calls, apps download etc. have been added to the conversion reporting.

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Four-actions Formula for SEO Efforts in Startup Context


SEO hardly has a standard approach for all kinds of business organizations. In a startup context, SEO can be radically different from the optimization practices for an established business in terms of approach and implementation. I have posted before about different ways to attract traffic immediately after the launch of a website, which mostly exploit content marketing techniques. However, SEO is too big to ignore and having an SEO strategy for a startup pays good in the long run.

The strategic emphasis of SEO can be on a number of different aspects depending on the context and organizational goals. However, since the context for modern start ups are more or less comparable, a set of four actions can be identified as the strategic pillars of SEO process for startups, which are: Test, Measure, Connect, and Socialize.


Testing SEO initiatives is particularly important for start ups. However, it is sometimes a little bit difficult to test an SEO campaign in quantitative terms. In that case, at least some qualitative criteria have to be set. Optimizely is a good tool for testing. Also, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics provide some utility to run different tests.


The main use of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools is the measurement of SEO efforts. Piwik is a good alternative of Google Analytics which provides deeper data about the traffic of your website and runs from your own server. Followerwonk is a great tool to measure the impact of your SEO campaigns on Twitter.

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Generating Brand Names with Dotcom Domain Availability: The Detailed Process

Selecting a brand name for your service or product has become a pretty daunting task these days. The name has to be meaningful, catchy, easily memorable, and short. Also since it is imperative that the product or service must have a website of its own, the domain name for that brand must be available, especially the dotcom one along with other top-level domains. It is challenging to address all these issues and come up with the ideal brand name finally.

I used to offer brand naming service. The service was simple- give me a brief about the business or product that you want to get named; I will give you name suggestions.And, all the name suggestions will be available for .com domain registration. I continued this service until I got busy with other stuffs. Along the way, I have learned a few things about how to find out a good brandable name with available domain quickly.

Before sharing my insights about the process of coming up with brand names, I would like to show you a list of name suggestions that I generated for a broad range of services and products. In this list, I have only included the suggestions that were not selected and still available for domain registration. If you find a name suitable for your business and like it, feel free to use it (a short ‘thank you’ note will be appreciated in this case).

Anxiety relief service Whatpanic, Blowanxiety, Neverblu
A software that tracks and collects information that is used for legal negotiation Truclu, Prooftrac, Negotimate, Conclued, Anygotiate
A web-based learning program focused on enhancing individual’s skills Skillmoz, Yourons,Gladvance, Constaglow
Luxury residential homes Iconabode, Deluxeheights, Azurevil
Online money making system (client required the word ‘cash’ to be in the name) Cashadept, Cashmodo, Cashscriber
Highway convenience store Jiffstop, Allwaystore, Quicksto
Transcription service provider Verbatimate, Omniscriber, Typexperts, Keystorms
Sales Outsourcing company Proandfit, Windexed, SharpIncline
Personal Fitness Training   Repsroom, LiveShaped, Fitfol.io,  WeSpartan
Online Dating Service   Gustwo, Ardorise, Hookalike
Online money transfer service   Payssion , Instapurse, AptWallet, Cashmium
Property development company   Plexoplus, Omnidoma, Approximi
App that provides fishermen with statistical data   AnglerStat, Fishinmate, Anglerytics
Directory Listing Website   Includit, Leenko, Piledon

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The 5 Cs of Content Marketing

Brian Clark, the founder of Copyblogger, defined Content Marketing as the process of ‘creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers.’ Brian captured the gist of Content Marketing within a few words. Starting from this definition, I can see that the whole process of Content Marketing involves a number of factors that start with ‘C’. Content Marketing can easily be summarized in 5 Cs: 4 actions i.e. Creating, Curating, Connecting and Converting around one central factor- Community.


The first thing you need to start content marketing with is definitely, none other than Content itself. And the content needs to be specifically tailored towards your intended audience a.k.a the community. Before start creating your content, you need to understand your audience. You need to be aware of what type of content is appropriate to meet their demand and how the contents need to be delivered and on what platform. In short, you need to have a content strategy before start creating content.

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12 Beautiful Mailchimp Newsletter Designs

Email marketing is still the most effective way of online marketing. The two best tools to build up your subscriber list and deliver newsletter are Aweber and Mailchimp. While Aweber has no free plan, you can start with Mailchimp for free. Your newsletter is an important content that must speak for your website. Both the text and design of your newsletter have to be compelling to deliver a better experience to your subscribers. Mailchimp offers amazing customizing functionality to design your newsletter.

To get inspired you can look at some of the stunning newsletter designs and then think of your own. Click on the image to enlarge it. For more inspirational newsletter designs, check the gallery of MailChimp.

The Rise of Content Discovery Platforms

SEO, as we knew it, does not exist anymore. Last week, Paul Boag wrote an interesting piece in Smashing Magazine explaining why companies should no longer spend money on third-party SEO companies. The article was followed by a heated discussion and Paul had to write another post explaining his take on the necessity of SEO companies. Paul Boag pointed out:

If you hire a SEO company to improve your placement and you measure their worth on the basis of how high they get you in the rankings, then you are out of line with what Google is trying to achieve. Your primary objective should be better content, not higher rankings.

(via SmashingMagazine)

Suddenly, after all those Zoofixations of Google (yes, I am referring to Panda, Penguin bla bla algorithm changes), informative and useful content took the crown. Everyone seems to be so obsessed with ‘content marketing’. Jason DeMers wrote an article on Huffington on the same topic; entitled ‘The New Era of SEO: Content Strategy’. I can see that marketers are embracing this as a paradigm shift. I am, in no way, resisting this change. However, this scenario somehow reminds me of the time when people were equally excited about link building. That phase has gone. Again, I am not implying that content marketing will have a short life span as well. Indeed, I think content marketing is here to stay for long and we will witness its rapid evolution in coming years.

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Google Trends 2012: An Infographic

Google has published the report on search trends for the year of 2012. According to their numbers, people searched on Google for 1.2 trillion times. From this huge volume of data, Google ranked the top searches, top searched images, people, performing artists, movies and many more. On the basis of Google Zeitgeist 2012,  I have created an infographic to visually present some of Google trends 2012. You are free to use the infographic anyway you may wish. However, if you post it somewhere, a link back to subtlebias.com would be appreciated. Thanks.

To download the full scale version of the infographic, please click here.

Google Trends 2012

a visual presentation of Google Zeitgeist 2012

Google Trends 2012: An Infographic

Google Trends 2012: An Infographic


How to Bring Traffic to Website After the Launch: 9 Surefire Ways

trafficYou cannot realistically expect organic traffic within the first two or three months of launching your website because it takes time to rank on Google for keywords and bring traffic to website. That means, you have to devise some other plan than SEO and make a strategy on how to bring traffic to website. PPC campaign is obviously a good way, if you have a handsome budget. But what if you don’t have that much money to spend on PPC or your area of business is highly competitive for PPC even. In that case, you need to get a bit creative. I am going to explain a few ways that will help you to bring traffic at the initial phase of your website.

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