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You Are Already Building Your Backlist, Build It Better!

Recently, Seth Godin talked about backlist in his blog. This was something new for me. I have never heard of Backlist before. So, what does backlist mean exactly?

Seth explains-

“Backlist” is what publishers call the stuff that got published a while ago, but that’s still out there, selling.

That means- backlist is your legacy, backlist is what you already created and that is still out there for other people to access, to read or to view, to spread.  And, your backlist is not anonymous. Backlist must be credited to you or your organization.

Everyday you are tweeting, you are updating status on Facebook, leaving comments on YouTube videos, posting pictures on your Tumblr blog- all these digital footprints can be counted as your backlists as long as these actions are going to stay there for an indefinite time and they can be traced back to you by others. But are they making good or profitable backlists?

Social footprint is the kind of backlist we all have now. We all are more or less active on social media platforms. But when it comes to the point of using backlists for marketing purpose, mere digital footprints on social media platforms do not suffice or deliver the purpose by any means. You have to think about how you are going to build up your backlists and exactly what they will say about you or your business, where they will take the audience, how they will look and so on.

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The 5 Cs of Content Marketing

Brian Clark, the founder of Copyblogger, defined Content Marketing as the process of ‘creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers.’ Brian captured the gist of Content Marketing within a few words. Starting from this definition, I can see that the whole process of Content Marketing involves a number of factors that start with ‘C’. Content Marketing can easily be summarized in 5 Cs: 4 actions i.e. Creating, Curating, Connecting and Converting around one central factor- Community.


The first thing you need to start content marketing with is definitely, none other than Content itself. And the content needs to be specifically tailored towards your intended audience a.k.a the community. Before start creating your content, you need to understand your audience. You need to be aware of what type of content is appropriate to meet their demand and how the contents need to be delivered and on what platform. In short, you need to have a content strategy before start creating content.

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The Rise of Content Discovery Platforms

SEO, as we knew it, does not exist anymore. Last week, Paul Boag wrote an interesting piece in Smashing Magazine explaining why companies should no longer spend money on third-party SEO companies. The article was followed by a heated discussion and Paul had to write another post explaining his take on the necessity of SEO companies. Paul Boag pointed out:

If you hire a SEO company to improve your placement and you measure their worth on the basis of how high they get you in the rankings, then you are out of line with what Google is trying to achieve. Your primary objective should be better content, not higher rankings.

(via SmashingMagazine)

Suddenly, after all those Zoofixations of Google (yes, I am referring to Panda, Penguin bla bla algorithm changes), informative and useful content took the crown. Everyone seems to be so obsessed with ‘content marketing’. Jason DeMers wrote an article on Huffington on the same topic; entitled ‘The New Era of SEO: Content Strategy’. I can see that marketers are embracing this as a paradigm shift. I am, in no way, resisting this change. However, this scenario somehow reminds me of the time when people were equally excited about link building. That phase has gone. Again, I am not implying that content marketing will have a short life span as well. Indeed, I think content marketing is here to stay for long and we will witness its rapid evolution in coming years.

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