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Google Trends 2012: An Infographic

Google has published the report on search trends for the year of 2012. According to their numbers, people searched on Google for 1.2 trillion times. From this huge volume of data, Google ranked the top searches, top searched images, people, performing artists, movies and many more. On the basis of Google Zeitgeist 2012,  I have created an infographic to visually present some of Google trends 2012. You are free to use the infographic anyway you may wish. However, if you post it somewhere, a link back to subtlebias.com would be appreciated. Thanks.

To download the full scale version of the infographic, please click here.

Google Trends 2012

a visual presentation of Google Zeitgeist 2012

Google Trends 2012: An Infographic

Google Trends 2012: An Infographic


Google Now: A New Battleground for Businesses?

google-now-google-search-jelly-beanRecently, Google has unveiled two new products- Google Glass and Google Now. Google Now has caught my attention and I firmly believe that it is going to be the new battleground for the businesses. After two decades of globalization, businesses are now starting to shift their attention to the local. With Google Now on your smartphone, local information is now more available, almost instantly accessible.

So what is Google Now? As seen on the landing page, Google Now is introduced as:

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