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Generating Brand Names with Dotcom Domain Availability: The Detailed Process

Selecting a brand name for your service or product has become a pretty daunting task these days. The name has to be meaningful, catchy, easily memorable, and short. Also since it is imperative that the product or service must have a website of its own, the domain name for that brand must be available, especially the dotcom one along with other top-level domains. It is challenging to address all these issues and come up with the ideal brand name finally.

I used to offer brand naming service. The service was simple- give me a brief about the business or product that you want to get named; I will give you name suggestions.And, all the name suggestions will be available for .com domain registration. I continued this service until I got busy with other stuffs. Along the way, I have learned a few things about how to find out a good brandable name with available domain quickly.

Before sharing my insights about the process of coming up with brand names, I would like to show you a list of name suggestions that I generated for a broad range of services and products. In this list, I have only included the suggestions that were not selected and still available for domain registration. If you find a name suitable for your business and like it, feel free to use it (a short ‘thank you’ note will be appreciated in this case).

Anxiety relief service Whatpanic, Blowanxiety, Neverblu
A software that tracks and collects information that is used for legal negotiation Truclu, Prooftrac, Negotimate, Conclued, Anygotiate
A web-based learning program focused on enhancing individual’s skills Skillmoz, Yourons,Gladvance, Constaglow
Luxury residential homes Iconabode, Deluxeheights, Azurevil
Online money making system (client required the word ‘cash’ to be in the name) Cashadept, Cashmodo, Cashscriber
Highway convenience store Jiffstop, Allwaystore, Quicksto
Transcription service provider Verbatimate, Omniscriber, Typexperts, Keystorms
Sales Outsourcing company Proandfit, Windexed, SharpIncline
Personal Fitness Training   Repsroom, LiveShaped, Fitfol.io,  WeSpartan
Online Dating Service   Gustwo, Ardorise, Hookalike
Online money transfer service   Payssion , Instapurse, AptWallet, Cashmium
Property development company   Plexoplus, Omnidoma, Approximi
App that provides fishermen with statistical data   AnglerStat, Fishinmate, Anglerytics
Directory Listing Website   Includit, Leenko, Piledon

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How to Create a Clutter-free Minimalist Makeover of LibreOffice Writer

I absolutely love LibreOffice and the flexibility it provides me. Being a minimalist, I recently started writing using Focus Writer. While I do adore the clutter free environment of Focus Writer, at the same time, I also miss many functions of LibreOffice. Hence I was wondering how to create a similar clutter free environment in LibreOffice as well.

It turned out that the process of making a soothing minimal environment in LibreOffice is not difficult at all. Wonder how many steps it might involve? Well, only three. Yes, you are only three steps away from creating a pacifying writing environment like mine (click on the image to see the larger version).

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