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AdWords Enhanced Campaigns- Changes and Possible Implication for Marketers


Google AdWords announced Enhanced Campaign upgrade in February 2013. From the changes it brings, we can fairly assume that Google is focusing on making AdWords a more mobile-centric PPC advertising platform. It is said to put into action to simplify usability. However, it has certain impact on PPC strategy formulation.

4 Major Changes

1. Device-wise segmentation is not possible anymore

This probably is the biggest change in AdWords campaign management system. As advertiser, you won’t be able to segmentize your campaign according to different devices, i.e. Tablet, mobile and PC.

2. Bids modification according to geo-location

With the Enhanced Campaign, the PPC account manager now has a the ability to modify bids for specific geo-targets. This was an expected improvement since it reflects the recent explosion in the location-based advertising.

3. Customization for sitelinks

It’s a parallel change that resonates with the ability of modifying bids for specific geo-targets. Now the advertiser can specify what sitelinks will appear for different devices, locations and time of the day.

4. Deeper information regarding audience engagement

Now AdWords provides a little bit more information about your audience as phone calls, apps download etc. have been added to the conversion reporting.

What’s in It for Marketers?

  1. The first change is a controversial one since it has limited the ability of the marketers to launch different campaigns targeting different device platforms. However, there is workaround to limit a campaign only for PC and tablet users by lowering the bid amount.
  2. The second change is welcomed by all the PPC managers. Now the advertisers can download reports segmented by the geographic areas and identify campaign performance on specific areas. This information can be used to adjust bids for low-performing and high-performing regions.
  3. Sitelinks are the links that you can place below the main ad content. With Enhanced Campaign, now advertisers have more control over the sitelinks. They can now set different sitelinks according to time or device. How that can help the advertisers? Well, a restaurant can be a perfect example which can utilize the customization capability according to time. The restaurant can show different sitelinks in lunch and breakfast time which can be quite helpful for utilizing the contextual factors.
  4. Now AdWords will provide some more information regarding the traffic such as phone call and apps download. As mobile marketing is becoming increasingly large, information about apps download can be very useful for the marketers to understand audience behavior. These new metrics can be compared with the existing ones such as sales, leads, downloads etc.

In light of these changes and possible future changes following the enhanced campaign, PPC managers need to be more focused on smart phones as the major ad delivery vehicle in near future. For this time being, they can exploit bid adjustment as a smart way to control campaigns across different devices. Also, now they can apply ‘context marketing’ through the improvements AdWords has done in the sitelinks. There are thousands of possibilities to use this enhanced sitelinks feature. Advertisers need to be more creative here and think from a customer’s perspective.

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