Everplaces can do that to traveling, what Instagram did to photography. Fast company has described this startup as ‘Pinterest for the real world’. Everplaces is a new app that lets you save your favorite (or may not be favorite) places with images, notes, maps and other details. The beta version of Everplaces was launched in December last year and started to gain popularity almost instantly after the launching. Everplaces is now available on the web and as iPhone app. The development of the Android version is still under process.¬†Everplaces is being used from more than 90 countries now with more than 750,000 unique places entered (as of January 16, 2013).

Everplaces is a new app that lets you save your favorite (or may not be favorite) places with images, notes, maps and other details

Considering the phenomenal growth rate and overwhelming response from the users (which includes me as well), it’s easy to predict that Everplaces is going to make it big soon. What’s working behind this success? One reason is obvious- the simplicity of the app. It is drop-dead simple to use the app. Either you capture locations or import them from Google MyMaps if you already have it stored, add photos and notes if you wish and save the entry. As it is a social platform as well, you can follow others and you see the places they are saving or sharing. Similar to Tumblr and Pinterest, a Everplaces user can share the saved place by another user to his/her followers. The design of Everplaces is beautifully elegant.

EverplacesBesides the great functionality, user experience and design, I am particularly excited about Everplaces because of the immense business potential of the app. The entrepreneurs already made it clear that they have a specific business model in their mind. Everplaces lets anyone create their own app in a few hours, and it does not require them to have any technical knowledge. Everplaces gives the unique functionality to the companies and individuals to create branded or co-branded apps with existing or new content. It is particularly useful if you want to promote a place or give information about certain type of tourist destinations. In my opinion, Everplaces has created a wonderful opportunity for destination marketing on smart devices for small travel operators, restaurants, hotels, travel bloggers, and event organizers.

I am quite curious to see how fast this app grows and what impact it may have on destination marketing. If you already signed up with Everplaces you can find me here: everplaces.com/inan.

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