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How to Bring Traffic to Website After the Launch: 9 Surefire Ways

trafficYou cannot realistically expect organic traffic within the first two or three months of launching your website because it takes time to rank on Google for keywords and bring traffic to website. That means, you have to devise some other plan than SEO and make a strategy on how to bring traffic to website. PPC campaign is obviously a good way, if you have a handsome budget. But what if you don’t have that much money to spend on PPC or your area of business is highly competitive for PPC even. In that case, you need to get a bit creative. I am going to explain a few ways that will help you to bring traffic at the initial phase of your website.

How to bring traffic to website

The major challenge for a webmaster or web-preneur is to engage their audience. There has to be conversations in your website in order to grow your business. Unless conversation is not taking place in your website, you have to go where the conversation is taking place. That is the only thing you need to do right after launching your website. However, to bring as many traffic as possible, you need to explore as much opportunities as you can. Here is a list of 20 things you can do to after launching you site and I assure you that these activities will help you immediately and even in the long run.

1. Go viral with videos

You don’t need Google to go viral. You need great content that people like to see and share. Video is the type of content that can go viral most easily. The hardest part is to predict what kind of video can go viral. I can suggest a moderately working formula to create viral video. First, go to YouTube and search with the main keywords of your business or website. Now make a list of the videos that have the most number of views and like. Also, check the uploading date of the videos. That will give you an idea about which kind of videos in your niche are popular. Now think of similar producing similar videos. You can use services like Fiverr to hire people who will make the videos for you. Another important point is to properly optimize your videos.  I will write about video optimization in a separate post.

2. Be helpful

People will give attention to you if either scream out ‘sex!’ out of nowhere or be really really helpful. So, this part is easy. Offer help to people who are looking for it. Go to communities where people post questions. Try to find the questions that are relevant to you business and provide an answer. Also, make sure that you are leaving the link to your website somewhere. But don’t just answer for the sake of leaving your website link. Be genuinely helpful. And you will see that people are giving back something in return. Three best places to find questions and provide answers are Quora, Yahoo! Answers and Answers.com.

3. Write excellent articles

Excellence is shiny and it attracts people like a shiny diamond. You might think of producing crap articles just to get a hold on Longtail keywords, but at the beginning focus your writing uber-excellent articles. Making list is one widely used but effective strategy that can take your article to the next level. Your articles should be captivating, focused and well-written. The subject matter should address a specific problem or inspire people or make them think about some issue. Not to mention, you have to remain relevant as well. For example, if your website is about Bicycle gears, creating a list article on 20 best free games for iPhone will not be very wise. Rather you can reach out to influential bicycle tourists around the world and ask them about how they maintain their bicycle gears. This kind of article will be very resourceful for your target audience. And I must mention again- list articles perform much better than any other type of articles.

4. Give away stuffs

People just love freebies, especially if they are really of value. Giving away things is mutually beneficial for you and your audience. However, ‘free’ doesn’t automatically attract people unless the free stuff is something that they can be benefited from. You can build email list with the distribution of these free stuffs. Your free content can be a guide, a template, images, video, or even just a coupon that people can use to get discount. If your stuff is really useful and unique, people will find you out. However, you should also inform people about your freebies on places where users go, such as Forums, blogs and social media platforms. This very site is built on Patus, a free responsive WordPress theme made by . This theme is in no way less functional then the premium ones. But while the theme is not generating money, it is attracting a lot of visitors who are looking for a great free responsive theme for WordPress which is really hard to find. Toan posted about this theme on popular tech forums such as DigitalPoint as well. This free theme will continue to bring traffic to website for him. That is the benefit of having great freebies.

5. Use content suggestion tool

Well, this method requires you to spend some money unlike any other method I suggested here. But this is a very very powerful method to bring targeted visitors to your website. Have you ever noticed that there is a little space at the end of articles in CNN or Mashable where they mention the links of article from external websites? If you have never noticed it before, go and check now. There are some content discovery platforms who create these recommendations and Outbrain is probably the biggest one among them. You can register with Outbrain or some other similar service and start campaign for your contents. It works like magic in terms of driving traffic as sites like CNN enjoy millions of pageviews.

6. Be a guest

After Google hitting hard on backlink farming, guest blogging became more important than ever. However, guest blogging in not just helpful with creating valid links and promoting your website on Google; it is also a great way to bring targeted audience. Rather than going for random guest blogging, be selective. Try to feature your post on authority websites. And if you can manage to post a guest blog on a site like ProBlogger, it can just be the early breakthrough you are looking for. With one such guest post, you will not have to worry about how to bring traffic to  website for at least a few weeks.

7. Give attention to niche communities

Social is not just limited within Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. There are other niche social media platforms that can be even more beneficial for your website in terms of traffic generation. Again, you have to think about which social networks you should target. It depends on the nature of your business and your target audience. You will post a massive list of niche social networks soon.  For now, ask Google. I am pretty sure that you will find a community that matches your client profile.

8. Go for offline marketing

Online traffic can be attracted through offline marketing tactics and sometimes, offline marketing is more effective for your online presence. It might sound ironical, but you can and you should verify it yourself. You can use a very simple offline marketing method like spreading leaflets, post notice on public boards, arrange seminar and so on. You can someone to distribute any promotional material in public. Using Fiverr, will even make it cheaper and convenient for you.

9. Create a ‘Prestige Badge’

A ‘Prestige Badge’ is a kind of appreciation that someone will feel proud to has. This strategy is very easy to implement and even more effective for bringing additional visitors. I am giving an example of how it works. Suppose your website is targeted towards Freelancers. Now, you can create a prestige badge such as ’10 most efficient Freelancers’. Anyone will be proud to be considered as one of the 10 best freelancers in the world. Now, you have to find out people who have large following. Include them in the list and inform them that you listed him/her as one of the top 10 freelancers and he/she can place a fancy badge showing this achievement. Obviously, the user has to link the image of that badge to your site. That means you will have some traffic from that badge. The number of visitors might not seem very significant, but when 10 or 20 other sites will start to send traffic, the increase in the number of visitors is likely to be quite healthy.

Well, it’s time to wrap up things now. You already know how to bring traffic to website. Relevant traffic is the single most important thing for your web business, regardless of how they landed on your website. And a good flow of people since the very beginning will keep you motivated. Work with these 9 surefire strategies and I hope that they will perform pretty good for you. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any question. Now stop reading and start the business that you are planning to open for last one decade or so! Best of luck.

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