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How to Create a Clutter-free Minimalist Makeover of LibreOffice Writer

I absolutely love LibreOffice and the flexibility it provides me. Being a minimalist, I recently started writing using Focus Writer. While I do adore the clutter free environment of Focus Writer, at the same time, I also miss many functions of LibreOffice. Hence I was wondering how to create a similar clutter free environment in LibreOffice as well.

It turned out that the process of making a soothing minimal environment in LibreOffice is not difficult at all. Wonder how many steps it might involve? Well, only three. Yes, you are only three steps away from creating a pacifying writing environment like mine (click on the image to see the larger version).


Step 01: The first step is getting rid of the ruler and text boundaries. You might ask why. Well, we don’t usually make use of the ruler and the text boundaries are not necessary anyway. Being minimalist means getting rid of all the luxuries. So, go to the Menu Bar, go to View and uncheck Text Boundaries and Ruler.

Step 02: For most of the users, the tool bars of LibreOffice are quite unnecessary. In the second step you have to get rid of those unnecessary tool bars from your writing environment. There are three toolbars that you can make disappear and you are not likely to feel their necessity ever again- Status Bar, Standard Toolbar, and Find Toolbar. Just like the first step- go the Menu Bar again, go to View and then uncheck the option that reads Status Bar. One down! Two more to go. Now, go to View again and put your mouse cursor on the Toolbars menu and click on the tick marks beside the options that says Find and Standard.

Step 03: This is the last step of this make over. Go to Tools from the Menu bar and click on Options at the very last of the list. A new window will come up. Now, uncollapse the menu named ‘LibreOffice’ if it is not. Under it, you will find the sub menu that says ‘Appearance’. Now, for this gray-ish color combination, just change the Document Background to Gray 10% and Application Background to Gray 80% from the drop down color option menu beside each one.

You are not bound to use this Gray theme. You can play with different color combinations and choose the one that suits your mood and preferences. But now you know how to create a totally soothing look of your LibreOffice Writer. Create a clutter-free virtual environment and make the most out of it.

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