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How to Create a Clutter-free Minimalist Makeover of LibreOffice Writer

I absolutely love LibreOffice and the flexibility it provides me. Being a minimalist, I recently started writing using Focus Writer. While I do adore the clutter free environment of Focus Writer, at the same time, I also miss many functions of LibreOffice. Hence I was wondering how to create a similar clutter free environment in LibreOffice as well.

It turned out that the process of making a soothing minimal environment in LibreOffice is not difficult at all. Wonder how many steps it might involve? Well, only three. Yes, you are only three steps away from creating a pacifying writing environment like mine (click on the image to see the larger version).

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Google Now: A New Battleground for Businesses?

google-now-google-search-jelly-beanRecently, Google has unveiled two new products- Google Glass and Google Now. Google Now has caught my attention and I firmly believe that it is going to be the new battleground for the businesses. After two decades of globalization, businesses are now starting to shift their attention to the local. With Google Now on your smartphone, local information is now more available, almost instantly accessible.

So what is Google Now? As seen on the landing page, Google Now is introduced as:

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And then time stood still..

leap-second26.06.2012-640x400Yes, it did. Yesterday (June 30, 2012) time stood still for one second! A leap second was added to match the time super-accurately with the rotation of Earth.

International Atomic Time (TAI) is an uber-accurate time standard. How they maintain the accuracy? There are almost 200 atomic clocks spread all over the world in 50 national laboratories. International Atomic Time is calculated from the weighted average of time kept by all these clocks.These atomic clocks are capable of measuring time with incredible precision since they measure time through atomic vibrations in a metal isotope. The most advanced atomic clocks now use atoms that are cooled down to near absolute zero temperature, using lasers to slow them down. So, how accurate an atomic clock is? Though it depends on the temperature of the atom used, atomic clocks in the industrialized and semi-industrialized countries maintain almost same level of accuracy which is of 10?9 seconds per day. That means, if you put 14 zeros after 1 and divide 1 by that number the result you get is the fraction of a second that can be the maximum inaccuracy of an atomic clock on any given day. To clarify it further, it means that an atomic clock can make a mistake of 1 second in 200 million years of time.

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Leo Babauta Tumbled These 50 Quotes

Leo Babauta is a person whom I am following for a long time and his wonderful blog Zen Habits is a constant source of inspiration for me and million other people. He also maintains a Tumblr blog where he posts interesting links, pictures, quotes etc. Everyday I check his Tumblr blog at least once. It never ceases to amaze me. Specially, Leo mentions some quotes from time to time, and each of the quotes he collects is a gem. Here are some of those gems – a collection of 50 quotes that Leo Babauta tumbled. These quotes will surely infect you with positive energy and passion. Be inspired.

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Three Special Purpose Search Engines

searchengineWe used to search information on Altavista or Yahoo! And then something happened that changed the history of human progress forever. Google entered the web. With a new kind of algorithm and more relevant result, the search engine just clicked right the moment. In fact, Google clicked biiiig time. Now, Google has grown to be the synonym of internet. 87.6% of all global searches are carried by Google. The nearest competitor in search engine market is Bing with only 4.2% of global market share (Source: KarmaSnack). Google, indeed, provides unparalleled service. Hence, new search engines are being developed targeting a niche or a special purpose serve. Here, 5 special purpose search engines are briefly discussed which might just help you better than the old good Google way.

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SEO Your Life : Life Lessons that Can be Taken from SEO Practices

Everyone in the web business knows about the importance of optimizing the website for search engine. Among the plethora of websites out there, without being visible there’s no other way of getting traffic. Once I came across the saying somewhere, ‘Without SEO, your website is like a store in the middle of Amazon forest.’ There are thousands of different ways of optimizing website. However, the main functions can be summed up in four best practices : building links with relevant websites, creating original and quality content, optimizing your website with appropriate tags and metadata, and making sure that the website code is clean and lean.  Now, this article is not about optimizing your website, it is more about optimizing your life. I will rather be ‘offline’ here and take a look at how these SEO practices are related with our own lives and living better.Let’s take a look the the four best practices of SEO from a different perspective.

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