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Four-actions Formula for SEO Efforts in Startup Context


SEO hardly has a standard approach for all kinds of business organizations. In a startup context, SEO can be radically different from the optimization practices for an established business in terms of approach and implementation. I have posted before about different ways to attract traffic immediately after the launch of a website, which mostly exploit content marketing techniques. However, SEO is too big to ignore and having an SEO strategy for a startup pays good in the long run.

The strategic emphasis of SEO can be on a number of different aspects depending on the context and organizational goals. However, since the context for modern start ups are more or less comparable, a set of four actions can be identified as the strategic pillars of SEO process for startups, which are: Test, Measure, Connect, and Socialize.


Testing SEO initiatives is particularly important for start ups. However, it is sometimes a little bit difficult to test an SEO campaign in quantitative terms. In that case, at least some qualitative criteria have to be set. Optimizely is a good tool for testing. Also, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics provide some utility to run different tests.


The main use of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools is the measurement of SEO efforts. Piwik is a good alternative of Google Analytics which provides deeper data about the traffic of your website and runs from your own server. Followerwonk is a great tool to measure the impact of your SEO campaigns on Twitter.

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