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10 Amazing Free Tools for Keyword Research

Finding out great keywords is the first step of any effective SEO strategy. Keywords are important for effective PPC campaigns as well as for driving organic traffic. Competition for a good place on Search engines has been increasing rapidly. It is very difficult to find out a set of keywords that are

  • related to the business
  • easier to rank (both in PPC and in SERP)
  • have good volume of traffic

So, how can we find out keywords that meet the three criteria mentioned above? The answer is pretty simple- research. If you still cannot find good keywords, then research some more. Research until you can build up the list of your coveted keywords.

You need tools for researching. Different types of SEO tools are available in plenty- some are free to use while some are paid. Free does not necessarily mean bad quality or less-functional. In fact, there are many amazing tools for keyword research which are totally free. Here’s a list of such tools. Using these tools can significantly decrease your marketing budget.


Soovle provides a customizable keyword suggestion service from all major search engines in one place. Soovle shows keyword suggestions for Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazong, YouTube, Answers.com, and Wikipedia, A user can save suggestions by dragging them. Soovle is one of the best keyword research tool out there.


Ubersuggest is another great free keyword suggestion tool. Start with a base term and insert it on the text field and press suggest. Ubersuggest will come up with hundreds of keyword ideas which are actually being used by people.

Search Latte

Want to extend your market with international SEO campaigns? Then Search Latte is your tool to find out the best keywords for international markets. Search Latte provides a clean and user friendly interface for building Google searches ‘’in any combination of Google supported top level domain, country and language.’’

Yahoo! Clues

Yahoo! Clues has a tab named Trend Analysis. With this tool you can find and analyze trends for any specific keyword, or you can compare between keywords. Yahoo! Clues provides great flexibility in terms of setting up time as you can choose day, week, month or even year.

YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool

This is the best tool for video optimization. YouTube is not only a video publishing community, it has became one of the most frequently used search engine as well where people look for videos. You can use the tool to get keyword ideas by typing some words that describe your video or you can directly provide the url of your video and the tool will analyze the video for the best keyword ideas.

Ontolo’s Keyword Generator

This is a minimalist tool with great functionality. You have to provide the root words or phrases in one field and stem words or phrases in another field with stem replacement variables below. This tool will generate a number of keywords combining those words.

LDA Content Optimizer

After the Panda update, Google has increased importance on the use of different variations of keywords. LDA Content Optimizer helps websites to increase its relevancy for specific keywords. It scans for colocated terms that are not included in the website. You can make your website look better to search engines by inserting those keywords.

Keyword Lizard

Keyword Lizard is a classing keyword tool that helps you to combine different words and find out new keywords. This tool has the ability of great keyword filtering within a short time. Keyword Lizard is particularly helpful for large scale PPC campaigns.

Keyword Questions

Do you know what are the questions people are asking in your niche market? Questions are important, since people frequently search with questions and there are places where they post questions. Keyword Questions finds out relevant questions being asked around a word or a phrase.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Last but not the least, Google’s very own Keyword research tool is amazing. Recently, more functionalities have been added to it. Any type of keyword research should be started from here. It has great features and very flexible.

Do you know any other free tool that works great for keyword research? Do you use something else for researching keywords? Let me know, I will be happy to extend the list.

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Iftekhar Inan

Digital Marketing Strategist at Vocabridge
I am a Digital Marketing Strategist, working with startups and individuals to enhance their online exposure. I randomly write about digital marketing and other stuffs on SubtleBias.


  • Reply Dean Marsden |

    Hi Iftekhar, Nice list of keyword resources! I personally use Ubersuggest for everything, just so you’ve got that base of what people are commonly searching for. The Keyword Questions ive found helpful in the past to write new content for websites.

    Although you’d need to have an active PPC campaign already, I recommend viewing Adwords Keyword Search Terms/Queries to see what people have actually been searching for. I’ve discovered all sorts of keywords in here which would not have been shown in the AdWords keyword tool.

    • Reply Iftekhar Inan |

      Thank you very much for your comment. Ubersuggest is an amazing tool, it can suggest loads of interesting keywords. However, I didn’t get the second part of your comment. Is ‘Adwords keyword Search Terms/Queries’ a tool? Can I have the link please? Or are you referring to AdWords Keyword Tool? Thanks.

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